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SEO Shepherd Offerings

Our three main services

Local SEO Services

Get your local business found by local customers that are ready to buy.

Global SEO Services

Targeting other countries? SEO is an excellent strategy to expand you business globally.

Forensic SEO Services

Reverse engineer what your competitors are doing to steal clients away from you.

What is SEO?

When you are looking for a product or service, how do you go about finding what you want? I am sure you type a relevant keyword describing the type of product in a search engine like Google, then carry on to click the result you see come up on that page. As an SEO company we make sure your product and services show up as high as possible within Page 1 of search engines and get seen by these searchers! For local SEO services we target your local area towards local customers. On the other hand, we target people all over the world with our global SEO services*. *We may ask some of our global partners to help out in certain areas.

What is SEO?
What is Forensic SEO?

What is Forensic SEO?

Forensic SEO is the advanced part of SEO, where you check externally on your competition what they have done in terms of optimization on their website to achieve higher rankings, greater visibility and dominance within their sector. We have taken this a step further and are now turning the service back in again, giving you the unique opportunity to get a clear picture of exactly what your own SEO people, staff or agency is doing for you! There is always room for improvement and Search Engine Optimization is still an area where most clients are clueless and unfortunately stay so as it is a massive field to study, even to get beyond the very first basic steps. Let us help you gain a better understanding of what is going on with your website and what the SEO people are doing for you, learn to spot the small details without having to deal with the headache of spending hours schooling yourself about the online marketing industry, especially an industry that constantly keep changing the rules!

Your Local Partner

There are many SEO companies in the world but we recommend you choosing a company that is local to your area. Why? Because it is good to know that you will always be able to find us. Ignore the million emails you get about cheap SEO from Countries on the other side of the world. Worst case, how will you get a hold of them? As far as we have seen, most only operate with a free email account = usually no legal entity. If you need a local partner in a different location we will recommend you one from our global network.

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Your Local Partner

Global SEO Partners

Before diving any deeper, we would like you to have a clear understanding of how search engines work. The below video will give you a quick lesson on this exact topic in just over 3 minutes:

Now that you know how search engines operate, we must emphasize that Local SEO and Global SEO are two completely different animals.
Generally, local SEO has less competition compared with Global SEO due to the simple fact that there are significantly more people and businesses competing with you on a global level. You may be one out of 10 plumbers in your area; however, there are millions of them globally.
Globe and SEOEven for Global SEO we believe that there are 2 major categories and approaches that can be taken. One is when you target a non-geographic keyword, for example: “best e-cigarettes”. If you are an online retailer and looking to get customers from all over the world then this would be a good approach but also as very difficult one. The second type of Global SEO may be if you have many subsidiaries and local operations under one Global brand. An example for this may be: if you have a Global computer repair business, you can go the first rout and try to rank for “Computer repair services” or you can take it locally and rank for “computer repair services London”. In this case it may be wiser to target each location separately – meaning that you will be running multiple Local SEO Campaigns instead of one big Global campaign. The reason behind this is because trying to rank for the keyword “Computer repair services” without specific keywords that have an area attached to them, will be extremely difficult and time consuming. We can possibly be talking about years; whereas if we start targeting the local keywords on a global level, we can usually start seeing results quicker.
The next question you may have is, “which approach is right for our business?”
The easiest way to find out is to contact us and we will go through your business and its possibilities. We will get back to you with recommendations as to which path to take. We will definitely be able to do all the work for the first type of Global SEO we spoke about, where we basically try to rank for a specific keyword for search engines all over the world. However, if we decide that launching multiple “local SEO” campaigns instead, we may suggest working along side with some of our Global partners. The reason here is simple, a SEO company targeting a specific location is usually more knowledgeable of their local search engines (for example vs. will rank things differently). We have also mentioned in our previous post that we are a strong believer in the concept of “locals know best.”
Throughout the years of working in the SEO industry we have had the privilege of working with a few SEO experts in other countries. This all started when we were approached by a client we have had on board for a few years regarding their expansion into Asia. We initially planned on doing the work all by ourselves since this seemed like the best thing to do from a business perspective. However, we found out very early on in the process that there were too many languages that we were unfamiliar with and we were also not sure of the best way for acquiring links locally in Asia. Since our client was in somewhat of a rush, we decided to reach out to a few local SEOs and see if they would be interested in helping us out. During this process, I found a company run by a gentleman which I had a mutual friend (what a smalls world!). Conversations went smoothly and their values were in-line with ours which made the decision of working together very easy. For that reason, if you are looking for a great SEO Company in Hong Kong, we will be more than happy to make the initial introduction. If you would rather keep communication and invoicing streamlined, we would be glad to arrange the everything through us without any extra charge. In case you are looking to expand to Japan or Singapore, they offer that as well.
The first thing to do is to contact us for a quick chat about what the best solution for your company would be.